Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Difference a Day or Three Makes... In my garden, again

I swear that my peonies are opening by the second, from tight little balls to big lush blooms. My irises, the few that are blooming, are doing so instantaneously. Everything is starting to pop. My hostas immediately feel like they have overgrown and are crowding out other gems, I just can't remember what is missing. It's too early for my lilies. Hmmm. I bought a poppy the other day and it's already opening. I hope it will survive its new home - a particularly dry and very sunny spot in my otherwise part sun/part shade garden. Not much has made it from year to year it this dead zone, just some thyme, penstemon (its second year), veronica (just barely), sundrops and some purple thing that blooms in the summer... oh, and of course weeds. So here are more photos, I'm amazed at how quickly everything is growing, maybe it's because I'm now outside after weeks and weeks of hiding from the cold, miserable rain.
Siberian Iris
Siberian Iris, I love them.
Baptesia, allium, rhododendron in the background
Columbine, lambs' ear
Hydrangea, hosta, blue columbine, lady's mantle, fern...
Water droplets on Lady's Mantle
New Poppies!

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