Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My Little Patch of Green

I moved to the suburbs after living in The City for 12 years. I am an urban girl at heart but we needed the room to raise little people. Besides, my husband wasn't keen on living in The City. Sure, it's a great place to play but he really wanted to live a less frenetic lifestyle... so we moved. When we found our little patch of green with a house set upon it, my mother, an avid gardener, said to me, "oh, you're going to love gardening." "Me?" I seriously doubted her. Me? Are you kidding me? I haven't played in the dirt since I was 6. I had manicured nails. Me garden? No way, no how.

Then She, my mother, found azaleas and rhododendrons on sale for something ridiculous, like $3 a plant. So we bought 12 plants. And planted them ourselves. And that was the beginning. Then Mother started dividing her day lilies and iris and gave them to me. I had to dig in order to plant! And then I got bit by the gardening bug. I loved moving things here or there. It was like painting with plants or redecorating with flowers. I went to the nursery and found what was in bloom. When that became spent, I went back and bought something else that was then blooming. In the end, my garden pretty much has something blooming from the beginning of Spring through to the end of Fall. Here are a few shots of some of my favorites that have been in bloom this week. Enjoy.

Bearded Iris, inherited with the house
Champagne Elegance Iris
The other shot of the inherited iris
So, I'm just getting used to uploading photos and adding text. Here's the Champagne Elegance again
Blue Columbine
One of those $3 rhododendrons
My Japanese Maple - a birthday present from my husband
Lungwort, a gift from a friend. She was thinning out her plants.
A shadier spot, hydrangea, hosta and other stuff
The future... My peony buds!

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